Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Simple Rules Young Adults Should Take To Live A Successful Life.

By: Ada Oyiboboka
I had a fantastic time during my last holiday and it gave me time to really reflect on so many things in my life. As young ladies, we either take some things for granted or not plan enough for the things we have not yet gotten. If you decide that you really want to be successful in life, I think you should apply the following rules
1.       Make short term goals that lead to medium and long term ones and to your life's goal. Take action to set yourself on your pathway to achieve them -- as one leads to another. A life without dreamy goals is like trying to walk to the other side of the country without a map.You may need to search long and hard, and grow your plans into finding something(s) that you're passionate about, but it will be worth it for-all-time. It will set your whole life straight. You get to be whomever you want... in your best life!

2.       Never sell yourself for any amount or anything! Self respect is the most important thing a woman can have. Be true to yourself and don't let anyone else steer you away from the right path and stop you from achieving your goals.
3.       Don't give yourself away except to your life's love: hold out for your better life! This may sound old fashioned -- but it is essential, if you want to fulfill dreams and know your true love -- and not end up in complicated situations that may cost you your life's best dreams -- including your commitment to your true life's love. These days dating seems like a casual activity, but it certainly is not. Settling for a "coin flip" decision, on giving yourself away, could get you into a lot of complicated situations that will ruin your life! If a guy loves you enough -- he will want to spend his entire life with you -- and he wouldn't mind waiting until marriage (that's if he's the right guy for you). If he is willing to wait for "you", it will really show you that he loves you, not just one more temporary, sexual rush. He will have to love you as a person, rather than just appreciating your body. There's a reason forsigning up for the long term, totally committed relationship: your whole life can still be ahead of you, not in a cracked rear-view mirror.
4.       Respect others in order to gain lifelong respect for yourself. Be kind and generous so that people will be kind towards you.

5.       Respect and appreciate your parents. Your parents can be the most important people in your life. Even if you don't always get along with them, be kind to them and always respect them. Just remember, without them you wouldn't be here. Although they are not able to fulfill your wants and dreams, they are still your parents.
6.       Be grateful for everything you have. Just remember there are people that are in worse situations. Try not to complain about anything that you can work on; instead take actions to improve each situation as it pops up.
7.       Overcome bad situations in life. When something is not going the way you planned, don't worry or throw away your goals: because at some point, everyone has to succeed in, over, around or through rough spots. Life wouldn't seem bright without loads of dark drama. There is no one in this world that lives a life without shadows and problems. New chapters in life can mean re-ordering of professional priorities and making vivid and thrilling changes in one or several ways!

8.       Don't waste time. Time is one of those things that you will never get back no matter how hard you work. Do things that will help you in life like learning to swim, playing an instrument or doing basic sewing, giving to/or volunteering in charity work. You'll regret wasting your time and messing around when you look back later.

"I wish I had talent!" usually means you didn't find and develop your opportunities to express yourself, or not for long enough!
9.       Do well in school! Being interested in your studies, learning at a meaningful level (not just achieving top grades) is a key to being successful. If you get the higher grades, then not only your parents will be proud of you -- but even strangers will respect you more and take you seriously! If you slack off, you'll regret it once you apply to colleges or apply for career and professional openings after college. Always be learning and staying abreast of market and career changes and re-training as necessary, realizing that sometimes there is a technological sea-change (paradigm shift): there are no more cassette tapes, "dumb-phones", typewriters or buggy whips.

10.    Spend time learning about other cultures and religions. Watch the news to increase your multiple intelligences and hone your knowledge about the world. Tolerance, respecting others, is a key of fitting in a diverse school or workplace.

11.    Make yourself look the part that you want. This does not mean go on crazy diets and devote your whole life to making yourself look good. Just remember to eat healthy, whole foods; get exercise, and make yourself look more than merely presentable. Self confidence makes every woman beautiful.

12.    Discover and embrace your talents and gifts that you were born with. Do not show them off but put them to higher use. If you are good at painting, paint enough to expand on it. If you are good at some form of entertainment, enter talent shows!

13.    Make friends. Be welcoming to everyone, and try to help out others when they are struggling or in need of even a momentary friendship (safely befriend travelers in a hard spot, telling them good places to stay, giving a ride to the pharmacy, airport/bus station, to a restaurant , etc.). If you have many friends, it is obvious that you are a kind and respectable young adult.

14.    Embrace your natural beauty. Don't cake on make-up; it is not you... You are yourself, unique. If you can't accept yourself for who you are -- then you won't be respected.

15.    Be persistent! You need some talent, but dedicated persistence is above all else. Even though you need refreshing and rest, keep first order priorities first... Don't let anyone bring you down. If one is judging you, as if better than you -- just let them be themselves -- and find your way through that situation, staying on path. If you are a reasonable kind of person, you know that no one can make you feel bad about yourself. There is a saying: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent/approval." Press onward to your higher calling and your goals.

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