Friday, 14 June 2013


A video was recently released by the Lagos State government touting the state capital, Lagos, as a megacity has been described by various critics as “a myth,” “sheer fantasy,” and “a series of false representations.”

The video, which is available on youtube, offers a spruced up, non-existent image of Lagos as a safe city that – in the words of Governor Babatunde Fashola – anybody “would like to call home.” The video ostensibly made by the Lagos Internal Revenue Service also feautured the former governor of Lagos,  Bola Tinubu, whose Alpha Beta tax collection company reportedly makes billions of unearned income from the state coffers on a monthly basis.

Welcome to Lagos Africa's very own big apple, a vibrant mega-city whose pulse is felt as wide as its influence reaches, a discovery of opportunities at the heart of Africa.

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