Friday, 4 July 2014

Soldiers on rampage in Lagos, beat up civillians, burn down BRT buses

Earlier this morning, soldiers caused chaos in Palmgroove, Lagos. The entire incidence started when a BRT bus hit a soldier on a bike. The soldiers’ actions was said to be caused by a BRT bus that allegedly run a soldier over at the Palmgrove bus stop killing him.

Minutes later, other soldiers arrived the scene and started stopping all BRT buses on Ikorodu road beating drivers and sending passengers out.

According to eye-witness, two civilians were allegedly beaten up including several others caught taking pictures of the saga, their phones were allegedly seized and smashed on the express road.

The soldiers also allegedly started vandalizing the BRT buses.

According to the source, some soldiers left the express and took big sticks from women cooking by the roadside to break the windows of the buses and burnt one of the buses. Furthermore another military personnel took stones and allegedly threw it into the crowd twice to disperse them.

What exactly is this country turning into?

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