Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lance Ferguson-Prayogg has died following a "white collar" boxing match

      Lance Ferguson-Prayogg fighting in the ring
Lance Ferguson-Prayogg has died following a "white collar" boxing match at a nightclub in Nottingham., from Liverpool. He died in hospital after paramedics were called to the Forum club on Saturday afternoon. The gym, in Wallasey, Wirral, in which Mr Ferguson-Prayogg trained, tweeted: "R.I.P. to one of our finest boxers... we are all totally devastated."
Staff at the Forum said they were saddened by the news. Shaun White, from Sheffield, was Mr Ferguson-Prayogg's opponent on Saturday. Mr White told reporters that following the fight Mr Ferguson-Prayogg left the ring and then collapsed. A spokeswoman from East Midlands Ambulance Service said it received a call at about 17:24 BST on Saturday, reporting "a male who had lost consciousness".

However, it is unclear how Mr Ferguson-Prayogg died. Lance Ferguson-Prayogg trained at 12 Quays Gym in Wallasey and the event was organised by a company called Dukeries Fight Card Promoter. The show was abandoned by the promoter after Mr Ferguson-Prayogg collapsed.
Matt Slater, from BBC Sport Online, said white collar boxing covered a broad spectrum of unlicensed, but legal, boxing. He said: "[White collar boxing] used to be quite a specific thing, but it has become a very generic catch-all phrase for something much larger. "It's become everything between professional boxing at the very top and amateur boxing at the bottom, there's a huge space in the middle that's been around for ever and ever."
Aaron Needham, from Nottingham, who fought in an event organised byUltra White Collar Boxing, said he was given good safety advice. He said: "[They tell you to] defend yourself at all times and fitness was the main thing because as soon as your fitness goes the hits get harder. "As soon as it looks like you're in danger they stop the fight, which I've seen happen before."
Kirsty Radcliffe, a photographer who had met Mr Ferguson-Prayogg during events, said: "He was a very well liked man, a very talented boxer, a gent." A statement issued on behalf of staff at the Forum said they were saddened by the news and their condolences were with Mr Ferguson-Prayogg's family.

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