Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hugh Hefner, "The Playboy" is 88! celebrates with wife Crystal, 27

                               'Here's looking at you kid!' Hugh Hefner cuddles up to wife Crystal, 27, as they celebrate his birthday at the Playboy mansion on Friday
Hugh Hefner celebrated his 88th birthday in style on Friday night. He celebrated the start of his 88th year by watching his favourite movie Casablanca - just like last year.

While his celebrations were more fitting for someone nearing the end of their ninth decade, they must have proved pretty boring to wife Crystal. At 27 she was born 44 years after the movie was released in 1942.

However she, and her fellow guests, put on a good show of enjoying themselves at the sedate screening.
'Happy birthday @hughhefner! I love you! #CasablancaNight #playboymansion,' tweeted Crystal, with a picture of herself in an old school black hat and dress, cuddled up to Hefner.

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